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We highly recommend that you schedule your appointments at least one week in advance to ensure that your preferred time and service is available.

Due to the uniqueness our pedicure chairs, they’re suited for clients 250 pounds and under.
Children must be 12 years and older to enter the salon.
No chatting in the salon.

COVID-19 Safety Precautions

Secret Garden Nails & Beautique have embraced the following standards of conduct as a response to COVID-19. Safety around your overall well-being is more crucial now than ever when managing stress and seeking a trusted, safe and nurturing environment.


  • Maintaining the well-being our staffs and guests as our Top priority.
  • More than anything we want you to feel safe and comfortable when you are at the salon.
  • Our unique ventilation system is up and running as usual, providing fresh air whole time during the business hours.
  • We will take extra measures to disinfect all the areas that frequently used, on top of our standard cleansing procedure.
  • UVC LIGHT DISINFECTION -we go extra miles – We created our own one and only UVC DISINFECTION TOWER and operate three times a day to greatly reduce the level of airborne virus.
  • ONLY guests with appointments or retail guests will be allowed into the salon. NO accompanying persons will be allowed into the facility at this time.
  • Feeling Unwell? Stay home when ill (applies to staff and guests).
  • PPE – Offering personal protective equipment as require by law to protect staff and guests.
  • Mask Usage – In compliance with King County regulations all guests & staffs are require to wear masks while in the salon.(No Exception)
  • Frequent hand washing both staff and guests (minimum 20 seconds).
  • Social Distancing – Maintaining 6ft recommendations.
  • Covid-19 Training – Prior to reopen, all staff has undergone King County recommended training as well as Barbicide Sanitation and Disinfection Certification.

We are committed to providing with the space to relax, manage your stress, overall health and well being. We are making updates to our salon and the way we serve you to create an environment that is safe for everyone. We are grateful and appreciative of your understanding and support.

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